Soft Power Health depends on the generosity of individual donors and foundations to continue important work. Since 2002, Soft Power Health has empowered thousands of Ugandans to save their own lives.

We understand that as an individual or an organization you are asked frequently to give money. We know it is important that your money be used wisely and effectively. One of the strengths of Soft Power Health is that we work directly with Ugandan volunteers and workers. There are no middle-men so donors can be sure their money is getting to the people who need it.

Treating malaria as well as improving people’s overall quality of health is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help people lift themselves out of poverty. ¬†Your financial contribution will make a huge and immediate impact.

What your money buys in Uganda:

$4.85 = 1 course of malaria treatment

$7.50 = 1 long-lasting insecticide-treated net

$84.00 = the salary of 1 malaria educator for 1 month

$150.00 = the salary of 1 laboratory technician for 1 month

$170.00 = the salary of 1 nurse for 1 month

$205.00 = the salary of 1 doctor for 1 month

$300.00 = cost to build an outdoor classroom for health education sessions

$400.00 = 1 month supply of laboratory materials

$550.00 = 1 month supply of medicine

$900.00 = cost of outreach vehicle fuel for 1 month

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